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1 year warranty

WATT Module


The Watt Module allows you to :

  • monitor the overall consumption of electricity in your home (or part of your installation),
  • visualize the precise cost through instant conversion into dollars and carbon footprint,
  • to simply identify the consumption cost of each appliance through the “Snapshot” feature,
  • educate your family and generate up to 15% savings,
  • check consumption history and evolution and anticipate the amount of your annual bill.

For a three-phase installation, complete the Smart-Home Pack with 2 additional Watt module, to monitor the overall consumption of your home, and by phase.

This module can also track the production of a wind turbine or solar panels.

Box contents:

  • Electricity Module (78 x 54 x 27 mm / 70 g) with battery
  • Ammeter clamp with cable
  • Installation Guide

System Requirements:

Owning an e-sylife Kub connected to the internet.