Truly innovative and unique, e-sylife is the only mass market solution to remotely supervise the key parameters of your home and alert you in real time. Adapted to every home (house, apartment), it allows you to interact with your living environment.

e-sylife, when technology goes green !

  • I reduce my energy bill, through energy consumption control like electricity, water and gas.
  • I improve my family well-being thanks to indoor air quality control system (temperature, humidity and pollution).
  • I protect my home, through receiving SMS or email alerts when any local alarms are triggered (fire, flood, intrusion,…).

Thanks to autonomous sensors positioned in strategic locations within my home, e-sylife monitors in real time the key parameters of my home.

How does it work ?

01_alerteI receive alerts in case of exceeding defined thresholds (indoor air quality, refrigerator temperature, wind speed, …).

02_visualiserI visualize the key parameters of my home in real time, on any device connected to the Internet (smartphone, tablet, computer).

03_gererI manage my consumption and I control my energy costs.
Visualization of data evolution and history.
With the “snapshot” feature, I visualize the power consumption per appliance or water consumption per event (shower, bath, dishwasher,…)

securiserI secure my home with alarm retransmission :

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Intrusion
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Any other alarm installed at home

02_visualisermy setup e-sylife is 1 year warranty.

e-sylife is compatible with IFTTT: if you are equipped with connected objects or home automation solution, you can manage the e-sylife data connection with your existing devices via IFTTT services (If This Then That).
For example, if the air quality drops below the predefined threshold of 70%, I automatically light in red a connected lamp, and thus inform the occupants of the house it is important to ventilate the room.

An all-in-one environmental solution, 100% Made in France.