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1 year warranty

Smart-Home PACK



The Smart-Home Pack consists of an e-sylife Kub (the heart of the system to connect to the internet) and a Watt Module.

The e-sylife Kub allows you to track temperature, humidity and air quality in your home, and atmospheric pressure (weather trend). Listening to the security systems installed in your house, it will alert you by email and SMS if any audible alarms* is triggered. It also carries the video streams** of your CCTV cameras to your dashboard.

The Watt Module allows you to :

  • simply identify the consumption cost of each appliance through the “Snapshot” feature,
  • educate your family and reduce up to 15% on your bill.

For a three-phase installation, complete this pack with 2 additional modules, to monitor the overall consumption of your home, and by phase.

This module can also track the production of a wind turbine or photovoltaic panels.


e-sylife is scalable and adaptable to your needs. Order your Smart-Home Pack and customize your installation with additional interactive accessories.

* Compatible with any audible alarms already installed in your home.  

**The e-sylife Kub is fully compatible with Kiwatch cameras below: 

KW-960-front-leftIndoor CCTV camera
Model : KW-965
Dimension : H : 9,4cm - L : 6,1cm - P : 2,3cm
Angle : 80°
Motion detector and sound: YES 
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, wired or cpl 
Infrared Vision: Night Vision 10m

KW-440-front-left-leftOutdoor CCTV Camera Night Vision 15 meters 
Model : KW-440
Dimension : H : 5,5cm - L : 5,5cm - P : 11,3cm
Angle : 70°
Motion detector and sound: YES 
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, wired or cpl 
Infrared Vision: Night Vision 15m

Stay connected to your environment, wherever you are.

Smart-Home pack contents :

  • e-sylife Kub
  • A power supply + cable
  • RJ45 cord
  • Watt Module
  • Ammeter clamp
  • Installation guide

System Requirements :

  • A RJ45 internet connexion (via ADSL box, Ethernet network, CPL, Wifi or 3G/4G router,…)
  • An internet browser