Photo CES avec E Macron

Emmanuel Macron visited our booth at CES 2015

Emmanuel Macron, French Economy agency Minister, took the time to stop by our booth at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. He appreciated our 100% Made in France e-sylife solution. He also commented abour our “flashy” shoes, unmissible in the Eureka park aisles, and in the picture below…

20141218_058_FrenchTech _Paris_Photo PHRicard

HDSN met with ministers during the evening French Tech

Thursday, December 18 leaders Frédéric Bonnard and Vincent Honoré met Emmanuel Macron Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital and Axelle Lemaire Secretary of State for Digital. The time of the evening they had time to introduce the product, and take a picture. Event held at the French Tech io factory. The … Continued


Official launch of our e-shop

And if you started the year well? To help you keep your resolutions, HDSN launched in January 2015 its e-shop. A few clicks is all you need now to buy the SmartHome e-sylife pack and its modules, and receive them at home.