Listening to the security systems installed at my home, e-sylife will alert me by email and SMS when an audible alarm* is triggered/activated.

U.S. fire department responded to 366,600 home structure fires each year.

Home safety thus has generated a proliferation of systems to protect against external and interior threats: smoke detector, fire alarm, flood detector, intrusion alarm…
Yet these installations reveal two major flaws :

  • They are set to detect problems (smoke, flood, gas) and not to protect from themselves.
  • In case of absence, they trigger an alarm inside the uninhabited home, which will not act on the problem.

In this context, e-sylife is up to my side to anticipate the source of the problem and thus, give me the power to act.

e-sylife also carries the video streams of my CCTV cameras**.

In summary, e-sylife turns all my separate alarms systems into an all-in-one connected.

To strenhthen my home security, I add optional modules, such as smoke, CO (carbon monoxide), flood or intrusion detection.

* Compatible with alarms already installed in your home. 

** The Kub e-sylife is fully compatible with Kiwatch cameras below:

KW-960-front-leftIndoor surveillance camera
Model : KW-965
Dimension : H : 9,4cm - L : 6,1cm - P : 2,3cm
Angle : 80°
Motion detector and sound : YES
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, wired or cpl
Infrared Vision: Night Vision 10m 

KW-440-front-left-leftOutdoor Camera Night Vision 15 meters
Model : KW-440
Dimension : H : 5,5cm - L : 5,5cm - P : 11,3cm
Angle : 70°
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, wired or cpl
Motion detector and sound : YES
 Infrared Vision: Night Vision 15m